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Monday, April 25, 2011

How does electric chainsaw work?

    How does electric chainsaw work? A chainsaw is a very handy piece of equipment and has many uses, most chainsaws are gasoline powered, but electric chainsaws are being used more and more by home owners to trim tree branches and for other smaller workloads around the home.  Chainsaws are very helpful if you are a land or homeowner clearing a tree or just trimming limbs on the property, or cutting firewood.

     Chainsaws both gasoline and electric ones come in a range of sizes and the length of the chain is used to categorize them. A 16-inch chainsaw is very commonly used on most small jobs; anything smaller would probably be used for trimming tree branches or thick bushes.

The features that an electric chainsaw has are:

·        To use an electric chainsaw simply plug the power cord into a socket and turn it on, then just press the trigger switch to start the chain to move.  

·        The chain of the chainsaw has cutting teeth and the chain spins at a very high speed around a cutting bar, the cutting bar holds the chain in place via a groove or track located on the length of the cutting board.

·         Electric chainsaws weigh much less than gas powered chainsaws, and require a lot less maintenance, and are safer than gas powered ones.

·        Electric chainsaws are anchored to 100 feet of an electric power cord; consult the dealer if extending the length of the cord.

    Electric chainsaws do have disadvantages compared to gasoline chainsaws. Electric chainsaws are made for light cutting work, and are limited in their use because of their electric cord. Even though electric chainsaws have less power than their gas powered cousins, they are still a very dangerous hand tool and should be handled with the utmost respect.

    Knowing how does electric chainsaw work is important, because no license or training is required to operate or to own a chainsaw. Tens of thousands of injuries and deaths in America alone are reported every year and most could have been prevented. Anyone thinking about using a chainsaw would be wise to get educated in operating one.

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