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John is a freelance writer, a martial arts instructor, a P.A.D.I. Dive Master and a former religious leader in his community. For over 18 years John has conducted metaphysical lectures, psychic readings, youth counseling and relationship coaching. Originally from California, he has traveled throughout Asia studying indigenous religions and their after death ceremonial rituals. John is currently working toward a Doctorate of Metaphysical Theology in Paranormal Studies.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Why Can't Christmas Last All Year?

It is Christmas time again,

When does it start and when does it end,

I always look forward to the season

A hazy recollection of its passing without reason,

Like a cold it comes on strong

When you're feeling better you don't know it has gone

Why can't Christmas time last all year long,

With friendly strangers and helpful friends

Having the family together again

What magical fun this season does bring

With Santa Claus and everything

Shiny glittery trees and missile toe

Beautiful houses that brightly glow

Songs that lift the spirit abound

Around every corner they do sound

Shopping malls and grocery stores love to play them more and more,

When that special day draws near

It inspires extra Christmas cheer

Why can't Christmas last all year,

People want it when it's gone

Left with only Christmas songs

Like a lost love it will be missed.

We longingly wait to be reunited

People don't try and hide it

That Christmas spirit lives in us still

Why do we change the way we are at all,

During that happy time of the year

Friendly strangers and family near

Why can't Christmas last all year?

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