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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Do Pick up Lines or Opinion Openers really Work?

   Do pick up lines or opinion openers really work when picking up women? If you want to know how to get women easy then sure pick up lines and opinion openers can work if you use them right. Using openers is usually for people who are not comfortable with themselves or with their ability to speak in public.

Speaking to Beautiful Strangers

    Speaking to beautiful strangers is probably the most feared thing for men to do. You can really notice and appreciate this truth if you notice men’s reactions when a beautiful woman passes them. Men react instinctively attracted as if shocked while their muscles tense and they appear board or stiff like.

Timing isn’t Everything

    If you want to how to get women easy, then you have to understand some situation women get into. In this case when a woman is walking outside downtown or somewhere crowded, she is probably busy going somewhere. Men who inject themselves when a woman is busy usually get shut down because, she is busy.

  Now when picking up women if you make her day a little easier then you may have a chance to start a conversation. Opening a door and saying something nice will definitely get you noticed and heard, or if a woman is in line buying something and is struggling to find some change, a suave guy will be quick on the draw and give the clerk the change for her. This will definitely be a good time to start a conversation by using a pick up lines or an opinion opener.

   Guys need to consider that picking up women who are beautiful, are women who get picked up on all the time, and they get used to turning men down at the drop of a hat. If a gorgeous woman would stop and listen to every guy that wanted to talk to them, then they would have no time to do anything else with their lives. But one of the tricks on how to get women easy, is to make a woman’s day a little easier. She will give you the time to say what you want and not brush you off as if you’re just another guy trying to pick her up.

    The first thing a woman looks at before she hears anything a man has to say, is the clothes that he’s wearing. She is thinking, is the guy clean and neat? For men to understand how to get women easy, and have a chance at picking up women, they need to have a woman’s attention to be able to start a successful conversation. So, a guy has to be decently dressed or at least neat in his appearance if pick up lines, an opinion opener or witty remark will have a chance to work.

Opinion Openers to Try
    The best way how to get women easy is by not being direct, ask a question about something you may need help. Women like to be asked for advice, it makes them feel that their opinions are appreciated.
Here are a few suggestions that you can try:
  • “Hi my name is _____, can you give an idea of what is as appropriate gift idea for a female friend of mine?”
  • “Can you help me sort out a disagreement my work mate and I have, he says women like to pay for their meal on a date … is that true?”  
  • “I’m planned to see a movie this weekend, can you suggest a good movie for me to see?”
  • “A girl at my office changes her hair color almost weekly. Why do girls color their hair that often?”  
   These are neutral non-pressure questions that are like pick up lines and can be used as opinion openers. This is how to get women easy, a woman will be interested in you if you are interested in what she has to say. From this point you’re on your own. If your wit fails to give a response to her suggestion then just say “that’s a great idea thank you so much” and then leave.  Lose the battle not the war, picking up women isn’t a onetime try, it will take a few good conversations to get a woman’s real interest in you, so stay in the game.

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