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Monday, October 15, 2012

Father solves the Red Paint Mystery

A father who owns a small hobby shop tries to find the cause of red paint continuously appearing on his store's carpet. It has a very touching ending.

Rick owned a small hobby shop next to his home, where he made small wooden doll houses and furniture. His daughter Kristen, an adorable six year old pony tailed girl, loved to play in the store and watch her father paint the doll houses, but she was not allowed to help or play in the shop. So, Rick constructed a small room in the attic above the store for her to play in.

One day Rick discovers many small red spots of paint on the white carpet of his hobby shop. He asked his daughter if she had been playing with paint in the store and she enthusiastically denied it. So, Rick called a rug cleaning company to come out and remove the paint stains. Days later, the small paint stains reappeared! Again, Rick confronted his daughter and she assured him she did not go into the store. So, Rick called the carpet cleaning company again and they were quickly able to remove the paint stains.

It was a Saturday afternoon when a well dressed gentleman and his six year old daughter entered the store. The man wanted to buy his daughter the best doll house in the shop. When Rick showed the man the selection of doll houses he had, the man’s daughter then asked Rick if he had a daughter, and what kind of doll house she plays with. Rick then called to his daughter who was playing upstairs in the attic. A loud thumb was heard on the floorboard above their heads, and immediately it then seemed to rain red paint from the ceiling. The gentleman, his daughter and Rick were covered with red paint drops, and then smiling broadly, Kristen appeared with red paint stained hands.

When Rick asked her what she was doing, her answer shocked him. She said, “The room in the attic you made for me was the best real doll house in the whole world, and since you don’t let me paint the doll houses you make, I’m painting the one you made for me”. Politely, the gentleman asked Kristen which one of the doll houses she liked the most, and when she pointed to it the gentleman’s daughter asked if she could paint it red? Smiling at both Rick and then his daughter, the gentleman said you can paint it any color you want.

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