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John is a freelance writer, a martial arts instructor, a P.A.D.I. Dive Master and a former religious leader in his community. For over 18 years John has conducted metaphysical lectures, psychic readings, youth counseling and relationship coaching. Originally from California, he has traveled throughout Asia studying indigenous religions and their after death ceremonial rituals. John is currently working toward a Doctorate of Metaphysical Theology in Paranormal Studies.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Father solves the Red Paint Mystery

A father who owns a small hobby shop tries to find the cause of red paint continuously appearing on his store's carpet. It has a very touching ending.

Rick owned a small hobby shop next to his home, where he made small wooden doll houses and furniture. His daughter Kristen, an adorable six year old pony tailed girl, loved to play in the store and watch her father paint the doll houses, but she was not allowed to help or play in the shop. So, Rick constructed a small room in the attic above the store for her to play in.

One day Rick discovers many small red spots of paint on the white carpet of his hobby shop. He asked his daughter if she had been playing with paint in the store and she enthusiastically denied it. So, Rick called a rug cleaning company to come out and remove the paint stains. Days later, the small paint stains reappeared! Again, Rick confronted his daughter and she assured him she did not go into the store. So, Rick called the carpet cleaning company again and they were quickly able to remove the paint stains.

It was a Saturday afternoon when a well dressed gentleman and his six year old daughter entered the store. The man wanted to buy his daughter the best doll house in the shop. When Rick showed the man the selection of doll houses he had, the man’s daughter then asked Rick if he had a daughter, and what kind of doll house she plays with. Rick then called to his daughter who was playing upstairs in the attic. A loud thumb was heard on the floorboard above their heads, and immediately it then seemed to rain red paint from the ceiling. The gentleman, his daughter and Rick were covered with red paint drops, and then smiling broadly, Kristen appeared with red paint stained hands.

When Rick asked her what she was doing, her answer shocked him. She said, “The room in the attic you made for me was the best real doll house in the whole world, and since you don’t let me paint the doll houses you make, I’m painting the one you made for me”. Politely, the gentleman asked Kristen which one of the doll houses she liked the most, and when she pointed to it the gentleman’s daughter asked if she could paint it red? Smiling at both Rick and then his daughter, the gentleman said you can paint it any color you want.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Do Pick up Lines or Opinion Openers really Work?

   Do pick up lines or opinion openers really work when picking up women? If you want to know how to get women easy then sure pick up lines and opinion openers can work if you use them right. Using openers is usually for people who are not comfortable with themselves or with their ability to speak in public.

Speaking to Beautiful Strangers

    Speaking to beautiful strangers is probably the most feared thing for men to do. You can really notice and appreciate this truth if you notice men’s reactions when a beautiful woman passes them. Men react instinctively attracted as if shocked while their muscles tense and they appear board or stiff like.

Timing isn’t Everything

    If you want to how to get women easy, then you have to understand some situation women get into. In this case when a woman is walking outside downtown or somewhere crowded, she is probably busy going somewhere. Men who inject themselves when a woman is busy usually get shut down because, she is busy.

  Now when picking up women if you make her day a little easier then you may have a chance to start a conversation. Opening a door and saying something nice will definitely get you noticed and heard, or if a woman is in line buying something and is struggling to find some change, a suave guy will be quick on the draw and give the clerk the change for her. This will definitely be a good time to start a conversation by using a pick up lines or an opinion opener.

   Guys need to consider that picking up women who are beautiful, are women who get picked up on all the time, and they get used to turning men down at the drop of a hat. If a gorgeous woman would stop and listen to every guy that wanted to talk to them, then they would have no time to do anything else with their lives. But one of the tricks on how to get women easy, is to make a woman’s day a little easier. She will give you the time to say what you want and not brush you off as if you’re just another guy trying to pick her up.

    The first thing a woman looks at before she hears anything a man has to say, is the clothes that he’s wearing. She is thinking, is the guy clean and neat? For men to understand how to get women easy, and have a chance at picking up women, they need to have a woman’s attention to be able to start a successful conversation. So, a guy has to be decently dressed or at least neat in his appearance if pick up lines, an opinion opener or witty remark will have a chance to work.

Opinion Openers to Try
    The best way how to get women easy is by not being direct, ask a question about something you may need help. Women like to be asked for advice, it makes them feel that their opinions are appreciated.
Here are a few suggestions that you can try:
  • “Hi my name is _____, can you give an idea of what is as appropriate gift idea for a female friend of mine?”
  • “Can you help me sort out a disagreement my work mate and I have, he says women like to pay for their meal on a date … is that true?”  
  • “I’m planned to see a movie this weekend, can you suggest a good movie for me to see?”
  • “A girl at my office changes her hair color almost weekly. Why do girls color their hair that often?”  
   These are neutral non-pressure questions that are like pick up lines and can be used as opinion openers. This is how to get women easy, a woman will be interested in you if you are interested in what she has to say. From this point you’re on your own. If your wit fails to give a response to her suggestion then just say “that’s a great idea thank you so much” and then leave.  Lose the battle not the war, picking up women isn’t a onetime try, it will take a few good conversations to get a woman’s real interest in you, so stay in the game.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Can You Write Porno or Adult Material?

  I go by the pen name John M. Gardener, I always wondered why people had pen names when I was a kid, do they have pencil names also I thought? Anyways, I’m a writer. I had always imagined writers wrote about interesting things, like poems and romance novels or sit around in a Dick Van Dike like think tank room. I always wanted to have a job like Dick Van Dyke, but unlike the show I have to write about things I could care less about. The paradox to this is that as I sit writing about everything between what new TV model is the best one to buy, and why this frying pan is the best, or which brand of dog food is good and why a person should buy it.  I always wonder how many people will ever actually read these product reviews.
Russia News: Sex Toy Postal Bomb Scare

    I would love to write about something I want to write about, sometimes. Well sometimes isn’t all the time for me and I have to really struggle to find time to write for myself. Like everyone else, writers have to eat too, so I have to write for others for now to make a living. I rarely turn away writing jobs, if I do its mostly for the reason that I lack technical knowledge regarding a particular subject.

    All industries need writers, majority of the writing jobs are for marketing. But every now and then I have a sexually related article pass over my desk. Now, I give a fair glance at all the writing jobs that pass my way, but I want to let the reader understand that I have written some pretty interesting topics in the past, so I thought, I’m not new to sexually related topics.  I once wrote an article about pre-mature ejaculation, what causes it and its remedies. But I was not prepared when I received an article request for male and female sex toys.
    Now I have turned down jobs before because I lacked the ”technical” know how but in this case I do know a little about these kinds of ... for lack of a better word “sex toys”. But I just couldn’t bring myself to commit my mind into writing that information down on paper.

    So, I just sat down and gave a hardy laugh over it and let it pass on by. The funny thing is that before I made the decision to pass up the job I had actually begun to write the article in my mind. I imagined how to best describe the functioning replicas of the human sex anatomy. It was then that I burst into laughter because what I imagined myself writing about, I just couldn’t bring myself to write a description of these "sex toys" even  in my mind let alone on paper.

     To write quality, passionate, daringly sensual and believable articles about sex toys, a writer should have some experience in the field of sex toys. So that the article will be entertaining, captivating and keep the reader interested in the product enough that they would want to make a purchase. A well written article should sell a product, so it is important to describe the item and its functions in detail, and how to best use it in a way that the reader will be compelled to buy the it. I believe writing a product description like this would require a person to have some porno experience or be properly familiar with the adult sex industry, and have knowledge of its jargon to be effective in writing a proper product review.
    Well that’s when I turned down the job, not just because I lack the technical skills, or knowledge of these sex toys products or lack the familiarity with the adult industry’s jargon.  But the real reason I turned down the writing job was for once I just couldn’t put what I thought down on paper. This is one of the main reasons writers use pen names so their mothers will never find out what their grown up kids are writing about.  So there it is, I hit my limit. I can’t write Porno or Adult Material.

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How to Hypnotize - The Top Hypnosis websites that work.

    Do you desire to hypnotize your boss, your co-worker, a neighbor or even yourself? It is possible to covertly hypnotize anyone you meet or know. When you learn

How to Hypnotize Anyone 

It becomes obvious that the possibilities are truly endless with this skill. Mastering the art of mind control using scripts and techniques of hypnotism will change your life.

Hypnosis Instant Covert Results

    You will learn to make a person instantly enter a trance state that will make them susceptible to verbal commands. Almost everyone can be hypnotized from normal conversation using the secret techniques of hypnotism and key words. Many of these covertly black op type tactics are not available in any Free hypnosis e-book or hypnosis audio download mp3 file but can be learned from some hypnosis sites I have included Here.

Is it difficult to learn Hypnosis?

   No, it is not difficult to learn how to hypnotize people, actually young and old it really doesn’t matter. A person needs to have a certain level of confidence though to be successful at hypnotizing people but all the courses from the websites I’ve listed have good training programs. Hypnotizing yourself has great benefits, you can lose weight if you want, stop smoking and reduce stress. Learning hypnosis is fun and making changes in yourself and others is a great skill.

Learn Hypnosis easy here.
Hypnosis is not magic.

    Using hypnosis on others will not force them to do things they know are wrong or hurtful. But you can hypnotize someone to do things they want to but for some reason cannot consciously do because of fear or lack of motivation.

Does it really work?

    Yes, hypnosis does really work, I personally was able to hypnotize myself to control my eating habits and have used self hypnosis to stop smoking. I have helped friends with this skill. They have lost weight and also have beaten back their smoking habits. One of the most amazing things I learned to do is to alleviate a person’s chronic pain with hypnotism. When I hypnotized this woman with chronic pain I read a script that caused her to believe her pain was mild and controllable. Since then she is not dependent on the pain medications the doctors were giving her… amazing!

The Top Hypnosis websites that work.
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Spiritual Benefits of Marijuana

This article is not meant in any way to encourage illegal activity or promote the use of marijuana (cannabis), it is meant to address some philosophical questions.

The affects on a person's spirituality from the effects of marijuana is heavily dependent on who they are as a person, where they are in their journey of life and what their intentions are in using marijuana or cannabis. Any person considering exploring the altered states of consciousness from marijuana or any drug should be psychologically stable and in good health.

The fact that social conditioning has molded most of our beliefs regarding what are now considered to be illicit drugs are from people who have abused them, whether by trying to avoid reality or for recreation purposes. People who abuse drugs such as marijuana are usually not emotionally stable, while in contrast people who have a strong grip on their mental facilities and use drugs such as cannabis for religious practices have wonderful and fulfilling spiritual experiences. Such people similar to the American Indians who have embraced cannabis as a sacrament for centuries have benefited from it spiritually.

Without a doubt people who use marijuana for the first time are amazed at a whole new world and realms of possibilities and perspective revealed to them. Marijuana causes a person to focus inwardly toward the realm of the spirit. Marijuana also known as pot alters a person's state of consciousness, increases alpha brain waves much in the same way as meditation.

The benefits from experiencing altered states of consciousness are that we can view life from beyond our mental conditioning and expand our scope of view from our inner horizon. Experiences of higher levels of peace, love and awareness can never be experienced unassisted without the aid of marijuana or other mind altering substances. It is impossible to experience these higher levels of awareness, love and peace without achieving an altered state of consciousness free from years of restricted mental programming. But once experienced it is easier to find our way back to these levels of love, peace and awareness without the aid of marijuana.

Even just a onetime use of cannabis can awaken a person's spirituality and reinforce what they believe is true, right and good. It can bless a person with an open mind, allowing people to consider new things never imagined, possibilities open up and a new enthusiasm for life can take root. Cannabis fosters personal and spiritual growth and can turn on parts of our brain that have been dormant.

People who have experimented with marijuana have reported experiencing telepathy, ESP, clairvoyance, precognition and other phenomena. In lab tests with people who regularly use marijuana, users have scored higher on psychic tests than people who have never used or tried marijuana or cannabis. Research studies have shown that a negative correlation exists between ESP scoring and alcohol use. Marijuana affects the brain much differently than drugs like alcohol, cocaine and nicotine, cannabis actually seems to promote the growth of new brain cells, at the same time it stimulates the brain to combat stress, depression and mood disorders. Other drugs have the opposite effect, such as alcohol.

People who have used marijuana often report spiritual feelings such as being connected somehow to all things, along with a deep sense of contentment and peace. Spiritual interests follow after marijuana use and can transform people by opening the mind to new experiences and new ways of thinking. Cannabis causes a person to drop emotional resistance, so people who feel paranoid while experimenting with marijuana should avoid it. This is an indication that they have suppressed fears they need to address.

This article is not meant to advocate the use of mind altering drugs to reach spiritual growth, people do not need drugs like marijuana to attain altered states of consciousness they induce. But marijuana can definitely aid a person in attaining higher levels of consciousness. It is like a vehicle such as an airplane that can take a person to new places of thought.

For thousands of years and even before recorded history cannabis or now known as marijuana has been used as a spiritual tool by man. Like any tool it can be used for constructive and positive purposes, or abused in destructive ways. For mature spiritual seekers marijuana can help expand their consciousness and experience higher levels of love, peace and awareness they would never have otherwise attained.

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Why Can't Christmas Last All Year?

It is Christmas time again,

When does it start and when does it end,

I always look forward to the season

A hazy recollection of its passing without reason,

Like a cold it comes on strong

When you're feeling better you don't know it has gone

Why can't Christmas time last all year long,

With friendly strangers and helpful friends

Having the family together again

What magical fun this season does bring

With Santa Claus and everything

Shiny glittery trees and missile toe

Beautiful houses that brightly glow

Songs that lift the spirit abound

Around every corner they do sound

Shopping malls and grocery stores love to play them more and more,

When that special day draws near

It inspires extra Christmas cheer

Why can't Christmas last all year,

People want it when it's gone

Left with only Christmas songs

Like a lost love it will be missed.

We longingly wait to be reunited

People don't try and hide it

That Christmas spirit lives in us still

Why do we change the way we are at all,

During that happy time of the year

Friendly strangers and family near

Why can't Christmas last all year?

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Monday, April 25, 2011

How does electric chainsaw work?

    How does electric chainsaw work? A chainsaw is a very handy piece of equipment and has many uses, most chainsaws are gasoline powered, but electric chainsaws are being used more and more by home owners to trim tree branches and for other smaller workloads around the home.  Chainsaws are very helpful if you are a land or homeowner clearing a tree or just trimming limbs on the property, or cutting firewood.

     Chainsaws both gasoline and electric ones come in a range of sizes and the length of the chain is used to categorize them. A 16-inch chainsaw is very commonly used on most small jobs; anything smaller would probably be used for trimming tree branches or thick bushes.

The features that an electric chainsaw has are:

·        To use an electric chainsaw simply plug the power cord into a socket and turn it on, then just press the trigger switch to start the chain to move.  

·        The chain of the chainsaw has cutting teeth and the chain spins at a very high speed around a cutting bar, the cutting bar holds the chain in place via a groove or track located on the length of the cutting board.

·         Electric chainsaws weigh much less than gas powered chainsaws, and require a lot less maintenance, and are safer than gas powered ones.

·        Electric chainsaws are anchored to 100 feet of an electric power cord; consult the dealer if extending the length of the cord.

    Electric chainsaws do have disadvantages compared to gasoline chainsaws. Electric chainsaws are made for light cutting work, and are limited in their use because of their electric cord. Even though electric chainsaws have less power than their gas powered cousins, they are still a very dangerous hand tool and should be handled with the utmost respect.

    Knowing how does electric chainsaw work is important, because no license or training is required to operate or to own a chainsaw. Tens of thousands of injuries and deaths in America alone are reported every year and most could have been prevented. Anyone thinking about using a chainsaw would be wise to get educated in operating one.