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John is a freelance writer, a martial arts instructor, a P.A.D.I. Dive Master and a former religious leader in his community. For over 18 years John has conducted metaphysical lectures, psychic readings, youth counseling and relationship coaching. Originally from California, he has traveled throughout Asia studying indigenous religions and their after death ceremonial rituals. John is currently working toward a Doctorate of Metaphysical Theology in Paranormal Studies.

Monday, October 4, 2010

My Thoughts

The mind and body can benefit greatly from meditation, and can provide stress relief. The fact is that people today are faced with many situations that are wholly new, and with certain problems which were never felt so acutely before in the past. Modern day living has a negative effect on the body, and makes concentration difficult.
 Some people consider meditation a religious type of activity, but meditation is really awareness. Whatever you’re doing or being aware of is meditation. Being aware of breathing is meditation, listening to the wind or the chirping of birds is also meditation. As long as there is no distraction to the mind during these times of “awareness,” it is an effective meditation.
 The basic goal of meditation is to bring balance between our inner and outer being. This balance is the most crucial factor in whether or not one can find happiness, without balance of mind our lives remain in chaos. All human thought and activities are directed to this goal of happiness.
 Meditation becomes a powerful tool to be able to understand the needs of your body. First choose a time you will most likely not be disturbed, close your eyes, get relaxed, breathe in and out slowly, and now give yourself consideration of how you feel. Do you have any aches and pains, unexplained injuries, are you having trouble sleeping? If some things don’t seem right, it’s probably your body tying to send you a message and you should follow up on these.
 With busy lifestyles, few people actually take the time to check and understand themselves. By meditating on your body you are better able to understand what is going on with it, understanding the needs of your body will surely get you the most out of life.