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John is a freelance writer, a martial arts instructor, a P.A.D.I. Dive Master and a former religious leader in his community. For over 18 years John has conducted metaphysical lectures, psychic readings, youth counseling and relationship coaching. Originally from California, he has traveled throughout Asia studying indigenous religions and their after death ceremonial rituals. John is currently working toward a Doctorate of Metaphysical Theology in Paranormal Studies.

Monday, February 21, 2011

How to Find Happiness

Wanting to know how to find happiness implies that a person is looking for it. To find happiness a person doesn’t need to look outside of him/herself. People by nature are happy it is the conflict within each person that drowns out this natural state. In today’s world people are filled with fears and worries, fears and worries of not having money or love are the top concerns.

By going inside and questioning these fears and worries to find the cause or their roots, people can find happiness if they can free themselves of these things that are choking out their happiness. A person must let go of all the things that they are afraid of losing in their hearts and minds, only then can a person be free from  the fear controlling their lives. One must logically come to the conclusion that man lives a very short time on this earth, and that spending time here in a fearful state is equal to what most people imagine hell to be like, a torturous state of being.

Let go of what you are afraid of losing and you will discover the state of happiness that is under the fear, it takes courage and self honesty but to those that know how to find happiness, life on earth becomes worth living.

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Consult The Soul: Feel the Answers of Life

    The sweetest feeling and sensations of freedom are away from the physical senses that are painful but necessary sensations to experience this world and make possible growth, growth from the spiritual energy and spirit for the purpose of becoming more aware. This awareness brings us to a vibration closer to the source of all vibrations (which some call God) and this is the purpose of life, to experience this life on earth, to be aware and to grow into this vibration of awareness to the point where a full circle has been made, then to come into yourself or your consciousness, thus completing a full cycle which then begins again (reincarnation).
    Knowing this and these things brings life and ease of pain and a sensation similar to a smile across the mind of awareness when death is observed in this dimension, death is a transition from pain to the sensation of real life of awareness. That a graduation process has somehow been completed what was necessary to be learned has been, and the next assignment in life’s cycle begins. Having been to a place or vibration like these which brings great joy and peace, reassures my mind, and my consciousness that peace and joy are not so far and that brings comfort to know that the spirit life is so near. 

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