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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Spiritual Benefits of Marijuana

This article is not meant in any way to encourage illegal activity or promote the use of marijuana (cannabis), it is meant to address some philosophical questions.

The affects on a person's spirituality from the effects of marijuana is heavily dependent on who they are as a person, where they are in their journey of life and what their intentions are in using marijuana or cannabis. Any person considering exploring the altered states of consciousness from marijuana or any drug should be psychologically stable and in good health.

The fact that social conditioning has molded most of our beliefs regarding what are now considered to be illicit drugs are from people who have abused them, whether by trying to avoid reality or for recreation purposes. People who abuse drugs such as marijuana are usually not emotionally stable, while in contrast people who have a strong grip on their mental facilities and use drugs such as cannabis for religious practices have wonderful and fulfilling spiritual experiences. Such people similar to the American Indians who have embraced cannabis as a sacrament for centuries have benefited from it spiritually.

Without a doubt people who use marijuana for the first time are amazed at a whole new world and realms of possibilities and perspective revealed to them. Marijuana causes a person to focus inwardly toward the realm of the spirit. Marijuana also known as pot alters a person's state of consciousness, increases alpha brain waves much in the same way as meditation.

The benefits from experiencing altered states of consciousness are that we can view life from beyond our mental conditioning and expand our scope of view from our inner horizon. Experiences of higher levels of peace, love and awareness can never be experienced unassisted without the aid of marijuana or other mind altering substances. It is impossible to experience these higher levels of awareness, love and peace without achieving an altered state of consciousness free from years of restricted mental programming. But once experienced it is easier to find our way back to these levels of love, peace and awareness without the aid of marijuana.

Even just a onetime use of cannabis can awaken a person's spirituality and reinforce what they believe is true, right and good. It can bless a person with an open mind, allowing people to consider new things never imagined, possibilities open up and a new enthusiasm for life can take root. Cannabis fosters personal and spiritual growth and can turn on parts of our brain that have been dormant.

People who have experimented with marijuana have reported experiencing telepathy, ESP, clairvoyance, precognition and other phenomena. In lab tests with people who regularly use marijuana, users have scored higher on psychic tests than people who have never used or tried marijuana or cannabis. Research studies have shown that a negative correlation exists between ESP scoring and alcohol use. Marijuana affects the brain much differently than drugs like alcohol, cocaine and nicotine, cannabis actually seems to promote the growth of new brain cells, at the same time it stimulates the brain to combat stress, depression and mood disorders. Other drugs have the opposite effect, such as alcohol.

People who have used marijuana often report spiritual feelings such as being connected somehow to all things, along with a deep sense of contentment and peace. Spiritual interests follow after marijuana use and can transform people by opening the mind to new experiences and new ways of thinking. Cannabis causes a person to drop emotional resistance, so people who feel paranoid while experimenting with marijuana should avoid it. This is an indication that they have suppressed fears they need to address.

This article is not meant to advocate the use of mind altering drugs to reach spiritual growth, people do not need drugs like marijuana to attain altered states of consciousness they induce. But marijuana can definitely aid a person in attaining higher levels of consciousness. It is like a vehicle such as an airplane that can take a person to new places of thought.

For thousands of years and even before recorded history cannabis or now known as marijuana has been used as a spiritual tool by man. Like any tool it can be used for constructive and positive purposes, or abused in destructive ways. For mature spiritual seekers marijuana can help expand their consciousness and experience higher levels of love, peace and awareness they would never have otherwise attained.

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Why Can't Christmas Last All Year?

It is Christmas time again,

When does it start and when does it end,

I always look forward to the season

A hazy recollection of its passing without reason,

Like a cold it comes on strong

When you're feeling better you don't know it has gone

Why can't Christmas time last all year long,

With friendly strangers and helpful friends

Having the family together again

What magical fun this season does bring

With Santa Claus and everything

Shiny glittery trees and missile toe

Beautiful houses that brightly glow

Songs that lift the spirit abound

Around every corner they do sound

Shopping malls and grocery stores love to play them more and more,

When that special day draws near

It inspires extra Christmas cheer

Why can't Christmas last all year,

People want it when it's gone

Left with only Christmas songs

Like a lost love it will be missed.

We longingly wait to be reunited

People don't try and hide it

That Christmas spirit lives in us still

Why do we change the way we are at all,

During that happy time of the year

Friendly strangers and family near

Why can't Christmas last all year?

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